Xobni, acquired by Yahoo!, supports around 350,000,000 active users and is deployed on 3,500 servers. Up and Running helped with features spanning the front-end to the back-end, including API management and payment processing.


For one of our clients, Xobni, acquired by Yahoo!, we helped with their system buildout in many ways. What we contributed to has a massive footprint, is fully integrated inside of Yahoo! Mail, supports around 350,000,000 active users, and is deployed worldwide on 3,500+ servers. Here’s more detail about what we did:

Finally, here are some recent posts about the product integration:

About a year into the relationship, we received a very nice and unsolicited email from their VP of Engineering, which communicated, "I'm constantly impressed with the quality of work that you guys put together. Plus I love the attitude the guys have around getting things done and being flexible." For more kind words such as this, please visit our kudos page.

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