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We value long-term customer relationships, building custom software in support of those

We create custom web software. We partner with clients to solve important technical problems by building, implementing, and servicing complex software solutions for customers of any size in any industry. We've been here since 1995, designing and rolling out custom enterprise and web-based solutions across the world.

Up and Running Software began in 1995 as a technical services firm and evolved into a developer of custom software solutions after just a few years of existence. Customer happiness and open communication have been the focus since day one, plain and simple, resulting in long-term relationships with any type of client, from non-profits to startups to the Fortune 10. Thanks to this mindset, we are fortunate to have served an impressive array of clients, including giants such as General Electric, JYSK, Sanofi, Alliance Data (Epsilon), Hearst (First Databank), US Army, Yahoo! (Xobni), Heineken, Gerber, IEEE, Gap, Xerox, and Henry Schein directly and indirectly (through agencies).

Our over 25 years of custom software development, legacy system support, and migrations drive the engines of solutions that thousands of businesses and millions of people rely on daily. That experience has resulted in hands-on depth in most software development stacks, from the command line systems in the back office to ones that gracefully handle any screen size worldwide. A commitment to QA and process improvement drives scalable results, producing long-term software assets with high ROI. Our work passes FDA & DEA audits, rolls up global treasury data, manages nuclear assets and railroads, delivers vaccines, and enables neuroscientists and researchers.

A Silicon Valley-area client praised our being "nice and courteous" and having "hardworking Midwestern values," and being a firm that "could build something that was functional, quickly deliver an MVP, and was cost effective."

We are known for our communication, commitment to the customer, and our ability to creatively and accurately translate business needs into working software.

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