Our customers

Our customers decide to work with us for a variety of reasons, but the common one is that they simply want a dependable team that communicates well and delivers, creating scalable software assets that generate value for the long-term and at a competitive cost. We can provide client references and letters of recommendation that prove we can deliver, do what we say we will, and are easy to work with. (If you’d like these, please email us to request them.)

Here are some examples of our direct and indirect customers (served through agencies or other customers):

Logos owned by respective owners. Presence does not indicate a partnership or endorsement. Customers served directly, or through collaboration with other firms.

Maybe there wasn’t a representative client above that you hoped to see? The list isn’t a full one, and we likely have a representative client. As a note though, our technical skills are such that we can apply them in any domain. Generally our customers are the domain experts, and it’s our job to help them achieve their goals and desired workflows with the right mix of technologies. Still, we understand that some customers like to see that we have past experience with customers who are more like them, and we respect that. If you’re looking for representative customers, please just email us, and we’d be happy to provide representative examples. With some small exceptions, we think we’ve served every industry, usually several times.

We’d like to provide a little commentary about the clients we serve.

Though we’ve served many billion-dollar companies throughout the years, including ones like AT&T, GE, JYSK, Sanofi, and Henry Schein, most of our work is done for the middle market, particularly SaaS firms and entrepreneurs who want to create large software systems. Following this, we make custom software for large organizations, as well as do a lot of B2B and B2C solutions related to e-commerce.

We serve no specific verticals or market segments, and, as a result, we have partnered with clients in most markets and experienced most business models. Here are some example organizational types or sectors we have served: design, ventures and new products, auctions, communications, marketing, sales, logistics, energy, professional societies, e-communities, research, agriculture, HR, housing, dealerships, telecommunications, entertainment, health care (Rx, EMR, Revenue Cycle, +), insurance, gaming, professional services, publishing, manufacturing, engineering, retail, e-commerce (B2C, B2B), education (K-12, adult-focused (GED for example), and universities), social endeavors and non-profit offerings, and government-driven initiatives.

We are continuously honored to be hired by technical teams in businesses, from startups to agencies to Fortune 10 clients, who need to scale or hand off all of their software development and technical work. Since these clients can validate us quickly themselves (they know how to do the work; they just don’t have the time to do it all as quickly as they want to), they put us to work quickly and then it’s all about the work and result going forward.

If you’d like to learn what we’ve done in more detail for some of our select clients, we invite you to visit our portfolio and case studies pages. We also invite you to review our client testimonials and kudos.