Software Solutions for the Specialized Software & High-Tech Industry

Up and Running Software creates complex end-to-end software solutions for applications across all industries. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from mainstream services such as e-commerce to more specialized solutions such as those at the nexus of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. We work with a wide array of clients, including high-tech companies whose specialized needs require us to deploy boutique products quickly and effectively. Our solutions help high-tech companiesーfrom startups to multinationalsーcreate IT strategies and deploy technology to optimize operations and efficiency. We support our clients in all areas of this rapidly evolving field, throughout the value chain and in all phases of the product lifecycle.

As a full-service, any-language software development company that has been in business since 1995, we have gained an extensive amount of experience working with a wide variety of technologies, programming languages, and industries. This broad experience provides us with unique insight into industry-specific issues, allowing us to help both early-stage companies and established enterprises shape their business strategies and implement custom software solutions that drive impactful change.

We help our clients in the industry solve critical technical issues by drawing on the expertise of our team of dedicated software engineers, many of whom have gained hands-on experience working with our high-tech clients, and/or have advanced degrees in computer and mechanical engineering. By making effective use of our team’s extensive technical background and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies, we develop future-oriented and intelligent software solutions that always have a measurable advantage for our customers.

Some of the clients we’ve served over the years include Yahoo! and ScienceLogic. For the latter, we completed back-end work that is white-labeled by AT&T and Cisco and used by Fortune 500 companies and governments to manage some of the largest networks in existence.

We’ve worked with various cutting-edge technologies with our client partners. Some examples include:

In addition to providing expertly crafted solutions that guarantee great returns for our clients, customer happiness is our first and foremost focus. That’s why we always try to anticipate what our clients require of their software partner, especially in industry verticals centered around specialized technologies, where the dynamics are constantly changing. At Up and Running, we continuously expand our expertise to ensure that we can meet your specific needs now and in the future.