Thanks to the innovation of our clients, over the years, Up and Running Software has strengthened its fluency in blockchain, allowing us to provide the necessary services to take client business processes to the next level of transparency, security, traceability, and efficiency. One of our largest projects was in collaboration with an artificial intelligence company that is building a decentralized AI platform for intelligent 3D avatars that look, sound, and behave like the corresponding individual users. Virtual worlds inhabited by these avatars need their own legal currencies and a means to secure ownership of digital assets. Blockchain development addresses both of these concerns, transforming the augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) world into a real-life economic system with tamper-proof property rights and legal regulations. We partnered with this client for over five years, contributing tens of thousands of hours to research, development, quality assurance, architecting, and more, until the client was ready to bring its technical work in-house.

Blockchain is becoming a crucial part of the infrastructure supporting business transactions. One primary reason is that even the most secure centralized database, stored on the servers of a trusted organization such as a bank, can be hacked and the information lost or falsified. Conversely, to alter any data in a distributed (decentralized) ledger, you have to change every existing copy of the cryptographically protected blockchain, which is next to impossible. Blockchain is transparent and secure, with every transaction validated by its network members remaining in the blockchain forever. In addition, blockchain enables business-to-business markets to function without middlemen such as banks and other financial organizations. The transactions become direct, quick, and cost-effective; there are no extra fees, and the finalization time results in minutes, not the days the standard clearing process takes.


While all possibilities of blockchain have undoubtedly not yet been discovered, many businesses in various industries are already benefiting from its application. Most of the early adopters have been in the financial industry—with international payments, remittances, and complex financial products increasingly being used. However, blockchain can also solve problems and create new opportunities in health care, intellectual property, e-commerce, supply chain management, luxury goods, and government, to name a few.

The early adopters are aware of why blockchain matters a great deal: it shifts trust in business from an institution or entity to software that is, unlike humans, factual, unbiased, and reliable. It also promises to make many assets that are illiquid today tradeable, enable our devices and gadgets to become consumers, and bring transparency to many areas of business, greatly reducing fraud and counterfeiting.

At the least, blockchain promises to make businesses’ back-end operations more efficient and cheaper, but down the line it could replace some companies altogether, as it eliminates the need for human interference. This can already be observed today, with computers, robots, and smart devices taking over many parts of business processes that used to be very labor-intensive.


Without a proper understanding of how both the technology and the business behind the blockchain work, it is just a fancy buzzword. To integrate blockchain into a business solution one needs a team of blockchain-savvy solution architects, developers, and engineers who can visualize a complete blockchain-based solution, clearly understand the roadmap, and take it from start to finish. In addition, there are myriad blockchain technologies across many different categories that apply to different aspects of the blockchain business case. Picking the right technologies for any project is crucial, but due to the pace of evolution with blockchain it is even harder to select the best technology stack for long-term success.

Up and Running Software has a long track record of being an experienced software development company specializing in many programming languages and technologies, and keeping up to speed with the latest technological innovations in order to help our clients do the same. Simply take us through your business processes so we can devise your custom solution and implementation strategies based on your unique requirements in order to make you blockchain-ready.


Proof-of-Concept Development
The first stage in blockchain consulting is a strategy and concept development stage in which we define existing and desired business processes together with you. This includes identifying risks and limitations, and creating an initial vision of the architecture as well as a clickable prototype. This stage is referred to as Proof-of-Concept (PoC) development, and the main goal is to estimate the potential of a blockchain project prior to its delivery.

While creating the definition for the blockchain PoC, we go into the details of the architecture and design of the blockchain solution. Some questions we’ll answer here include who the target customer or user is, which blockchain platform to use, what type of blockchain to use (private or public), and how we will measure success for the PoC.

Once the vision for your blockchain PoC is set, the hard work for you, the business leader, is over. Then the real work begins for our blockchain developers: creating the PoC according to your business’s specific needs.

Smart Contracts Development
Essentially, smart contracts are like regular contracts, but they are self-executing and are derived from lines of code. They are a particularly good choice when executing an agreement for services that are highly quantifiable. A smart contract can determine when a contract has been fulfilled and when some enforcement measures are needed. Because smart contracts are linked to blockchain, they ensure security and decentralization. Most importantly, they save time and money for your business.

Up and Running Software’s developers have experience with both custom development and with auditing existing smart contracts across industries, from AR/VR and cryptocurrencies to supply chain management. Smart contracts are especially convenient in the latter instance. Take, for example, a shipping agreement. The smart contract can take into consideration weights, arrival times, fees for tolls, temperature and weather information, and a wealth of other relevant data, all without the intervention of a third party.

Are you looking to automate your business processes while ensuring absolute accuracy? We’d be happy to discuss the blockchain possibilities with you.

Cryptocurrency Development
Up and Running Software has successfully provided custom cryptocurrencies based on optimized, scalable, and highly secured blockchain technology to enable transactions. For one client, we developed a custom cryptocurrency that the company’s community of users are rewarded with and can use in transactions with one another.

We have experience with all aspects of introducing a new cryptocurrency, including:

If needed in tandem, a custom e-commerce solution built by us can be relied upon to be both scalable and secure, while at the same time being feature-packed and high-performing to meet the needs of any size entity.

A Comprehensive Offering of Blockchain Services

Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps
With cryptocurrencies vastly increasing in use comes the need to securely store, send, and receive them. That’s where cryptocurrency wallet apps come in. A wallet is a private key in the form of a secure digital code only known to the user. In addition, there is a public digital code connected to a certain amount of currency. The cryptocurrency wallet stores both of these keys, allowing you to send and receive coins, while also acting as a ledger for the money sent and received.

Up and Running Software has the necessary resources and experience to build custom cryptocurrency wallets, including the creation of iOS and Android applications. Specific examples include creating Android and iOS forks of the Bread wallet, web wallets, and desktop applications.

Distributed Apps
One of the exciting areas that blockchain has introduced is distributed apps (dApps). Distributed apps take advantage of the blockchain to provide an application or service without the need for any centralized control. As part of our cryptocurrency work, Up and Running Software has worked on several dApps, such as:

Private Blockchain Network
Private and public blockchains may share the same concept, but they each have their own purpose. The public blockchain is permissionless and open to everyone without exception. One can download it to his or her computer and view the entire history of the blockchain, send and receive money, store information, and even create smart contracts within the blockchain. Private blockchains, by contrast, give full control to their owners. Consequently, they enjoy a high level of flexibility and owners can adjust the rules as they see fit. While public blockchains act in a trustless environment by default, private blockchains require a higher level of trust among their members. We have developed private blockchains for corporate clients and know that this is what they are looking for to ensure internal security for their company. Up and Running Software can create a custom private blockchain network within your organization to achieve stronger internal security.

Custom Blockchain Development
Up and Running Software invests in learning and applying cutting-edge technology, which these days includes cryptocurrency and blockchain. We implement custom blockchain solutions every day in our work for our clients. Be it a large or small project you have in mind, we have the capacity and skills in-house to help you realize your idea.

For our clients we have worked on feature enhancements to existing blockchain platforms to introduce:

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As an any-language company, we are able to implement whatever technology may be needed to realize your business needs. Please see our team resume for a more comprehensive look at our experience across a wide variety of technologies. Regarding blockchain specifically, we have used and implemented the following: