Great people

The foundation of everything we do is great people. We’ve been perfecting our business’s systems for hiring, recruiting, and retention since 1995, and we think the processes work well now. We’ve observed that software developers really like to work for a company that is led by a developer and where the focus is on quality, not just pushing code out the door. Here’s more about us and how we got here.

The company was founded on the values of communication and transparency. The source of these values is our leadership.

Our team has grown. We have hired exceptional people, and we’ve helped people become exceptional in specific areas while ensuring they have the generalist’s abilities to think critically, communicate accurately and consistently, and understand programming’s fundamentals at an expert level. We hire humble developers who like to learn, communicate, and understand the importance of customer service. There's more information about our team's accomplishments and experience in our team resume.

We seek opportunities to work with customers who want us to be part of their software development team, whether it’s for fixes or large multi-year projects. Our customers, you, know their business, and we know ours. By combining our skills, we can do great things.

We recognize that what we do is not meaningful unless it's taken into context with our community, local, national, and worldwide. We strive to help how we can.