Great results

We serve about 125 clients per year, and most of our work is done for companies who have SaaS products, well-funded startups, and B2B and B2C e-commerce companies. We serve about 50 customers per month, and we think those numbers reflect the long-term relationships we have with our customers. We’ve served many billion-dollar companies, including Yahoo!, GE, Alliance Data, JYSK, and Henry Schein directly and indirectly. We seek long-term, ongoing client relationships, not one-off projects. In terms of volume of hours, we help with small needs for those clients who have been loyal to us or those who wish to test us out. Most of our projects are multi-developer ones without end though.

In terms of stakeholders, we primarily work with other software developers, technology executives, other executives, marketing experts, usability experts, information architecture experts, graphics design experts, business analysts, project managers, product owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

This is how we measure our results...

Our Customers are Happy

Up and Running is Growing Steadily

Our Team is Happy, Besides Having Happy Customers