At Up and Running Software, we hire people, not resumés.

Our People

Up and Running Software’s team continues to grow as we support our clients. As a privately owned company, we’re able to work and respond to our clients’ needs quickly and without bureaucracy. A big part of us being able to do so is our team of dedicated and passionate software professionals. That is why we believe it’s important to invest in our team’s needs.

We’re always looking for smart, hard-working people to join our team. Our employees enjoy the flexibility that comes with working for a virtual company while still being able to work on exciting and important projects with a team of like-minded colleagues. We’ve learned firsthand what they value the most and do our best to help them achieve those things. We know that having flexible working hours is important to our employees, so long as client happiness is maintained; this way they get to spend more time with their families and work when they can best focus, allowing for a healthier work-life balance. We also know that they appreciate working in a team that is not only passionate, but at the same time honest, open, professional, and transparent in its communication. That’s why we’re selective in our hiring—we’re only happy if the whole team is happy.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our team members have to say about why they like working with Up and Running:


Although we are an any-language company, we don’t expect you to be an any-language professional. Rather, we seek to hire and assemble teams of specialists who work together to produce great solutions for our clients. We are looking for those with at least five years (or more for our more senior positions) of professional software development experience. While there is room to grow and perhaps pick up a new technology or two, it’s important that our team members know their respective technologies expertly. For example, instead of spending time walking you through the basics of a framework, it’s important that we’re able to collectively put that time and effort toward solutions for our clients.

Beyond hard skills, we also value and pride ourselves in our emphasis on soft skills: communication and work ethic. High-potential candidates show deep personal humility and invest in getting better at everything they do. In addition, curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination are also factors we actively look for in our candidates.

Up and Running is filled with incredibly smart, talented, and interesting people. But what really sets us apart is our laser focus on the work itself and client happiness. We don’t have room for egos, as we go farther and achieve more working together than in competition with one another. We continually learn from our colleagues and our clients, and we’re all grateful for the opportunities we’ve gotten and are determined to keep making the most of them. If you are a professional that cares about your craft, is respectful by nature, can work together well with a team, and genuinely wants to help our clients, then you’d likely fit right in.

What we offer

We offer steady, consistent work on interesting projects and competitive pay. Our client base is diverse, representing all industries and verticals, with particular focus on health care, e-commerce, logistics, e-learning, and artificial intelligence solutions. Additionally, our work includes all mainstream languages and technologies.

We are strong believers of respecting each other’s time, meaning we don’t have meetings just for the sake of having meetings. Also, we try to work efficiently at all times—we don’t believe in wasteful, repetitive, or unnecessary work, and we give each other time to do things right. After all, hasty work usually results in errors that have to be corrected—the exact opposite of being efficient.

We know that some of the most common complaints software developers have is that the hours are long, the deadlines are tight, and there is no time for family or a social life. We believe that, as a virtual company providing its employees the opportunity to work remotely, we bring a flexibility to the table that enables you to participate in family-related events. So long as commitments are met and client happiness is maintained, we allow for flexibility.

Changing jobs can be exciting but also intimidating. It requires taking a leap, joining a new team and possibly settling into an entirely new work environment. We realize that this isn’t as easy for everyone. That’s why, when applicable, we offer a transition period. This is a trial period for those who aren’t completely ready to take the plunge, to give you the chance to work with us part time before switching to Up and Running Software full-time.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Then please refer to our current vacancies below to discover your next career move!

The Interview Process – What to expect

We have a lot of tools in our interview kit, including: multiple interviews with people throughout the company, code reviews, code exams, logic puzzles, assessment of live work, and more. Our goal is to find people who are passionate about what they do, take ownership of commitments, communicate exceptionally well, and care at the personal level about outcomes, their clients, their work, and their peers.

Though the attraction is there sometimes to hire superstars, we don't if they fail to communicate well or have confused the difference between arrogance and confidence. People won’t be happy and won’t last unless we have shared values, meaning that it’s important that we hire like-minded people since it enables the work experience to be more enjoyable for everyone, both for ourselves and for our customers.

Open Positions

We’re looking for top engineering talent to join our growing team of dedicated, client-driven professionals to work on a variety of projects. If you would like to apply for one of our open positions, or provide your info for any potential future openings, please email a cover letter along with your resume and links to relevant online profiles (e.g., LinkedIn, GitHub) to jobs *at* upandrunningsoftware *dot* com.