Team resume

We've been here since 1995, designing and rolling out custom enterprise and web-based solutions across the world

Our in-depth experience across many languages and technologies allows us to focus on customer happiness first and foremost. To that end, our core services include:

We serve no specific verticals or market segments, and, as a result, we have partnered with clients in most markets and experienced most business models. Here are some example organizational types or sectors we have served: design, ventures and new products, auctions, communications, marketing, sales, logistics, energy, professional societies, e-communities, research, agriculture, HR, housing, dealerships, telecommunications, entertainment, health care (Rx, EMR, Revenue Cycle, +), insurance, gaming, professional services, publishing, manufacturing, engineering, retail, e-commerce (B2C, B2B), education (K-12, adult-focused (GED for example), and universities), social endeavors and non-profit offerings, and government-driven initiatives.

Given our focus, we have developed a very particular set of skills, and we consequently know all mainstream frameworks and implementations expertly. We’ve applied them for individual entrepreneurs all the way up to one member of the Fortune 10.


Custom Software Development:

Supporting and Maintaining Current Software Assets:

Data and Databases:



Systems and Security:

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For ease of sharing with others in your organization who might be interested in learning more about us, here’s a simple two-page PDF that presents the information above: Up and Running Software, Inc. – Who We Are, Our Clients, and Core Services