E-Learning Software Development

Developments in the digital world are turning the traditional instructor-based learning environment into something more dynamic, encouraging collective learning by putting students at the heart of the learning experience. Such developments are complementing and, at times, replacing the classroom structure.

Up and Running Software has implemented many new technologies in the education industry that greatly aid practitioners in the field and help to create an exciting learning environment that keeps students engaged.

Our deep expertise and broad capability in e-learning software development and the technology space can help you discover opportunities for improvement within your business, streamline your business processes and systems, and help maximize your returns.

Up and Running Software’s e-learning solutions have helped the education industry in many ways. We have supported many clients in the education field, including schools, colleges, adult education organizations, correctional facilities, home-schooled students, and more. All of our clients have one thing in common: they help prepare students to be ready to enter and succeed in the continuously evolving workforce. This is something we highly appreciate and are proud to be part of.

E-Learning Solutions

Our e-learning software development team consists of talented technical experts who are passionate and dedicated to creating solutions to meet the critical training needs of today’s workforce. We have extensive experience in instructional design and all of the production aspects of creating highly engaging, effective e-learning content, including exercises and games through the use of interactive multimedia: graphics, animation, audio, and video. Personalization of the educational experience in this way helps to deepen the student’s engagement, which increases his or her performance.

Some of our more specific educational software solutions include:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS): a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs.
  • Learning Portals: a single place where students can access learning materials. A key feature of a learning portal is that it is learner-centered and often organized around the current and future capability needs of the organization. A learning portal is often a perfect place for curated content. Modern learners want experiences that are more like the rest of the web than what a typical LMS offers. They want to be able to browse, choose, and explore content. In a learning management system, content is allocated and pushed to users. With a learning portal, users can pull resources and access what they need.
  • Course Management Systems (CMS): although quite similar, course management systems (CMS) are slightly different than the traditional LMS. Course management systems are narrower in scope. That is, this system focuses on the management and distribution of e-learning and instructor-led courses. To put it another way, course management is often a primary LMS function—a secure place to store and launch content for a subset of users. In some respects, you can attribute metrics to a course management system, but that isn’t a requirement.
  • Virtual Learning Environments: also known as virtual classrooms, are a system for delivering learning materials to students via the web. These systems include assessments, student tracking, collaboration, and communication tools. They can be accessed both on and off campus, meaning that they can support students' learning outside the lecture hall 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables educational institutions to teach not only traditional full-time students but also those who cannot regularly visit the campus due to geographic or time restrictions.
  • LMS Integrations: with LMS integrations, you can take your training program to the next level by providing an innovative learning experience to the end users. These integrations give you the power to access and distribute content without having to switch between platforms such as Blackboard, Canvas, LAMS, and Totara.
  • Custom E-Learning Development: Up and Running Software develops custom e-learning solutions that make it possible for you to create world-class e-learning experiences for your organization, enabling you to create interactive, engaging, and effective experiences for your learners.


  • Essential Education - Learning Management System (LMS)

    Essential Education provides online education to adults to teach them the basic skills needed to become successful in life. Essential Education uses real-life situations in the learning management system to connect to what people need to know by creating personalized learning plans for students to study at their own pace anytime, anywhere.

    Up and Running Software has helped Essential Education by building an education platform that is used by schools, adult-education organizations, correctional facilities, and home-schooled students. The platform delivers educational content in the form of online courses (e-lessons and quizzes) to students, gathers data on their learning progress (scores, course progress, and study time), and provides reporting and feedback to students and their instructors for assessment. The educational content provided helps adults prepare for tests such as the GED, HiSET, or TASC, as well as general instructional materials regarding computer literacy, job-seeking skills, and financial literacy. An offline version of the application exists for customers who are unable to connect their facilities to the Internet for security reasons.

    Additionally, the learning management system includes a carefully designed time-tracking system that monitors how long a student spends studying content, and it allows educators to create new tests and update those to present to the students.

  • Future N Focus - Career Development Curriculum

    Future N Focus offers an interactive career readiness and workforce development curriculum, called Dream Catcher, to accelerate a student’s ability to discover an initial career path while also showing them which jobs are available in a given location for each career. The platform, which Up and Running Software helped build, is designed for both online and in-class instruction.

    The platform includes an integrated EMSI occupation database, with occupation descriptions and a career assessment wizard to be able to present various occupation descriptions with up-to-date data. It can display careers in demand on national and local levels, depending on the user’s location. In the future, each user will have their own “homeroom” page with personal information, such as interests and industry, where teachers and school managers will be able to control and keep track of users’ progress.

    Dream Catcher was originally built with the aim of providing professional development for children, but it has now grown into multiple products including an application for school children, an application for adults, and a YouTube-integrated employment/business interview practice application. In 2017, Dream Catcher was awarded Most Likely to Succeed by the Education Technology Industry Network of SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association), the leading voice for companies that provide software applications, digital content, online learning services, and related technologies across the sector.

  • Horizon Research – Data Collection Platform

    Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI) is a research firm specializing in work related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. HRI conducts the National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education (NSSME), periodically surveying more than 6,000 teachers in nationally representative samples of 1,000 or more schools.

    Up and Running built a custom platform for Horizon Research to collect the data for the 2018 NSSME. Although the platform was created for the 2018 survey specifically, its flexible design makes it adaptable for future NSSMEs, increasing efficiency, easing replicability, and reducing annual cost for Horizon Research. The programming languages utilized to build the platform include PHP with the Laravel framework, MySQL, and Survey Gizmo API.

    The custom platform supports the management of up to 10,000 schools with 2,000 active schools in the sample. In addition to facilitating the actual survey, the data collection platform includes sophisticated administration, reporting, and notification tools to ensure proper completion of the workflow, tracking school participation throughout the entire process as well as monitoring completion rates. To administer this process, the platform allows for tracking at the individual teacher level as they each complete the survey, while also managing coordinator- and administrator-level interfaces to provide reports and manage school workflows.

  • Solutions for Colleges and Universities

    Due to its strong belief in education being fundamental for development and growth, Up and Running Software has supported and served a plethora of educational institutions over the years. Our portfolio includes a variety of organizations in the sector, many of which are colleges and universities. Clients served include the University of Maryland, the University of Denver, Jefferson University, Washington University in St. Louis, Daemen College, and George Mason University (GMU).

    The work for each institution varies widely. From helping universities such as GMU simplify their browsing experience for current and potential students, to helping Washington University in St. Louis organize and utilize neuroscience research data through the use of data management and analytics tools, Up and Running’s work provides teachers and researchers with the technical tools to improve the quality of the learning and research processes.

    Other examples include building complete front-end multi-sites based to improve site accessibility and user experience, streamlining universities’ websites to make them easily browsable, and creating custom platforms by implementing industry best practices and the latest technologies, saving both time and money.