In our over 25 years of experience delivering custom technical services, Up and Running has become a widely respected provider of health care software solutions, earning the trust of universities, NGOs, and nonprofits supported by the likes of Google and the Gates Foundation, and industry leaders such as Hearst / First Databank, Sanofi, Henry Schein, and FDLIC, among others. We are comfortable working with any stakeholder, including: health system executives, product managers, project managers, software developers, doctors, nurses, coders, other medical professionals, PhDs, entrepreneurs, early-stage to growth-stage startups, venture capitalists, and more.

We have had the opportunity to develop an extensive range of solutions for the health care industry, facilitating the work of health care professionals and the lives of their patients and customers. Our services are wide-ranging, and just some of the technical solutions we have provided include: patient medication management, enterprise health care Internet portals, vaccine monitoring, life management, and solutions that researchers use to solve some of the most important issues facing the human population at present. We have also developed financial solutions for payors / insurance companies and the revenue cycle as a whole.

Health Care Solutions:

  • Electronic medical records software: Electronic medical records (EMRs) reduce overhead by both simplifying and improving data management. Other benefits include, but are not limited to, allowing health care professionals to track patient data over time, and monitoring patient performance on relevant metrics—vaccinations, blood pressure, screenings results, and more. EMRs can substantially improve patient care while saving time and work. We have been involved in EMR implementations and software creation since 2002.
  • Internet of things health care: Internet of things (IoT) solutions enable the real-time management of health care services regardless of one’s location. With them, users can track and report data and manage inventory, allowing for better-informed decisions. For example, one area in which UAR has implemented an IoT solution is in vaccine transportation and distribution. As another example, we made a flexible IoT solution that could be used for any product made by a manufacturer who serves the health care market; its products include a blood analyzer, cold therapy devices, electrolysis controllers, and more.
  • Mobile health care apps: Mobile apps make doctors’ work easier by improving information and time management and enabling more well-informed decisions. Some apps offer access to a wealth of information at one’s fingertips, from symptoms to drug interactions and more, and others quickly calculate various patient measurements. Most apps offer multiple services for more comprehensive use. We can deliver applications natively, via web applications, or using some hybrid approach.
  • Medical billing software: Medical billing solutions greatly enhance health care management efficiency. Claims, reimbursements, patient insurance eligibility checks and payments, and financial reporting are all part of the service provision cycle. Billing software reduces both the hassle and the risk of error, saving considerable time and money. We have served insurance companies, benefits managers, revenue cycle service providers, and hospital systems.
  • Complex drug management and interaction platforms: These platforms encompass most aspects of health care business: compiling and updating patient records, tracking hospital and home medication, processing and managing medical professionals’ orders for medications, and maintaining a consistent, seamless interaction with wider hospital IT networks. Our work has passed DEA and FDA audits, and is approved to manage Schedule II medications.
  • Hospital management software: In hospital or clinic management, these solutions help perfect the whole cycle of health care service provision, including recordkeeping, data collection and analysis, policy development, and improved finance management.
  • Software for medical devices: The number and variety of medical devices that require software to function is growing and will only continue to grow in the future as the benefits—accuracy, reliability, and a much lower margin of error—spread to more devices. Software itself can also be used as a standalone medical device. One example is software as a medical device (SaMD), referring to apps that do not require a specific medical device to take part in diagnostic and therapeutic processes. If desired, our work can be run on any device, securely. We have developed solutions for a broad spectrum, from simple devices to commonly used high-end smartphones.
  • CRM for health care: Customer relationship management (CRM) is of the utmost importance in health care. These solutions offer quick access to patient data and other information to improve diagnosis and treatment and increase patient satisfaction. CRM also helps to significantly cut costs while improving standards of care. Given our ability to integrate, we can ensure this data flows consistently across the entire organization, and we can help with data governance as well to contribute to high-value and actionable data that’s trusted.
  • E-prescribing software: E-prescribing solutions allow health care providers to directly send prescriptions to pharmacies, saving time for both providers and patients. By eliminating handwriting, such software heightens accuracy and patient safety. Additionally, e-prescribing significantly shortens the time period from receiving a prescription to starting treatment.
  • Medical appointment scheduling: Scheduling a medical appointment is hassle-free with a software solution. Scheduling applications help manage the appointments workload more efficiently by using automatic notifications and reminders. For patients, these solutions are just as beneficial, saving patients time and helping them avoid missing an appointment, which ultimately improves the quality of care.
  • SaaS solutions for health care: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions enable various health care and related services to serve a wider network of clients regardless of location, allowing for greater collaboration and convenience. UAR has helped break new ground with a SaaS solution that helps funeral directors and the clients they serve—survivors of the deceased, and those planning their own arrangements—navigate the difficult end-of-life management process.
  • Animal health solutions: While most of the work described here was performed for health care providers catering to people, we have also served multiple clients in the veterinary and animal health space, including a SaaS solution. Given that, we can handle any specific needs you may have for the care of our non-human friends and family members.
  • Custom medical software solutions: What ties all of Up and Running’s work together is that our solutions are custom-built to meet specific needs and priorities. Given that the health care industry is so multi-faceted, these solutions can vary greatly, which is why UAR’s solutions offering is so extensive. Contact us to learn more.

We Comply With the Highest Standards

Up and Running’s health care software solutions adhere to established industry best practices and are compliant with the field’s highest standards.

  • Our solutions are HL7-compliant
  • All of UAR’s solutions for the health care industry conform to the guidelines identified in the Health Level-7 (HL7) framework for the integration, exchange, accessing, and processing of electronic medical data.
  • Our software complies with HIPAA—it is protected from attacks
  • The software UAR develops for our health care clients is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring that all confidential information processed through UAR programs is secure and that the privacy of all stakeholders is protected from hacking and hijacking.
  • Our programs conform to DICOM requirements—medical images are secure
  • Compliance with the international Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard is another aspect of our services for the health care industry, ensuring the highest quality of medical images and data exchange within the systems we build and maintain.
  • The security of our solutions has been verified by the DEA
  • We underwent an extensive audit from the Drug Enforcement Administration, which ascertained that UAR’s solutions for First Databank are secure and compliant with DEA requirements for health care software systems.

Tell Us How We Can Help You

  • I would like to bring down my day-to-day costs
  • Up and Running can tailor an electronic medical record solution suited to your specific day-to-day needs and combine it with medical billing and scheduling software. This significantly reduces overhead costs by eliminating the need for special personnel responsible for these day-to-day tasks.
  • I want to speed up patient management without compromising quality of care
  • Up and Running can develop a customized hospital management solution that will speed up and facilitate all aspects of patient management, from admission to in-house medication, substantially enhancing the quality of care.
  • I would like to avoid errors in prescriptions
  • We can develop an e-prescribing system that will take prescriptions straight to pharmacists, making sure every patient gets the medication they need, saving them time by ensuring whether the medication is in stock.
  • I want to improve supply chain management
  • A comprehensive Internet of things platform could improve supply chain management by providing access from any point in the process to a centralized database of the information you work with. This allows you to track, monitor, and process it in a faster and more efficient way than using several separate supply chain management systems.
  • I need to know the software I use is reliable
  • Up and Running has been in the software development business for over 20 years, and we know that reliability is a top priority for clients. We approach this aspect of solution development by adhering to industry best practices and implementing rigorous quality assurance processes. Given the sensitive and confidential nature of health care data, reliability and security is paramount.

Selected Up and Running Health Care Solutions

  • Hearst / First Databank

    Hearst / First Databank

    First Databank is a health care software developer and our partner of many years. We developed for them a comprehensive HL7-compliant patient medication management solution that encompasses every element of the process lifecycle, from prescriptions and orders for additional medicines through home medication tracking, to collecting and delivering to the patient all the information they need upon discharge from the hospital. Our solution is integrated with wider hospital IT networks. Quality assurance is also performed by UAR’s team. We help ensure high-quality patient care every step of the way. Read More

  • Nexleaf Analytics

    Nexleaf Analytics

    Nexleaf, a developer of sensors for refrigerators and cold rooms, needed a next-generation system for the monitoring of life-saving vaccines in storage around the world. We helped Nexleaf develop an Internet of things health care infrastructure monitoring system, ColdTrace, that has made possible the tracking and monitoring of key vaccine characteristics such as potency, remaining life span, and storage temperature. This information, made immediately available to decision makers, enables the timely distribution of the vaccines to the people who need them. With Nexleaf, we help save lives. Read More

  • Portage Health

    Portage Health

    Portage Health, a nonprofit community health care system, needed a custom-built, complex health care software solution including both an Internet platform and an intranet system to facilitate the interaction between physicians, other health care professionals, and patients. We developed a highly customizable interactive solution that made communication between all stakeholders in the system easy and productive. Among the features that earned UAR the praise of Portage Health users are SPA-based customizable home pages and custom workflows, and menu management options that met the client’s goals of speed, ease of use, and single-screen management. Read More

  • FDLIC / Passare

    FDLIC / Passare

    Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) is a leader of end-of-life management services, offering a wide range of preneed funeral services. Since 2013, UAR has partnered with them on Passare, a SaaS solution offering transformational services for families and funeral home professionals to communicate and navigate end-of-life events and next steps. It is a robust system that incorporates sophisticated CRM and e-commerce features and also includes dynamic document generation, an extensive reporting system, notification and chat capabilities, third-party integration, a system for completing required government burial benefit forms for veterans, and more. Its features are HIPAA-compliant. Read More

  • Henry Schein

    Henry Schein

    Henry Schein is a health care company that delivers the solutions health care professionals rely on to improve the performance of their practice, so they can in turn improve the lives of patients. We helped Henry Schein to update and improve its system of record that processes a significant amount of critical financial data. After UAR modernized this system, its data accessibility was improved and the input response was enhanced, leading to a more reliable and engaging user experience. End customers are now able to easily access all of their financial data such as cash forecasts, account balances, bank compliances, and more. We take care of the technical details, so health care professionals can focus on helping their patients.

    Read More

  • AMIA


    The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and application of biomedical and health informatics in the support of patient care, teaching, research, and health care administration. Among other things over the years, we helped modernize AMIA’s members-only website. Our work on enhancing the site’s functionality has given its more than 5,400 members in the health care industry, including physicians, nurses, and researchers, a functional and easy-to-use platform to share their knowledge on medical advancements.

    Read More

  • Radiologics


    Radiologics, a start-up focused on improving the efficiency and utility of imaging in clinical research, needed help with web application development. Clinical research is increasingly dependent on medical imaging and many trials depend on a variety of imaging data—MRI, PET, CT, X-Ray, and more. Radiologics built software that supports imaging in these studies. We helped Radiologics with maintaining and optimizing its software and developed the user interfaces that would allow researchers to request otherwise-private data for use in their studies.

    Read More

  • Sanofi


    One of Sanofi’s many business units is Sanofi Genzyme, a specialty care subsidiary that focuses on rare diseases, multiple scleroses, oncology, and immunology. Sanofi Genzyme frequently hosts events to create a discussion among members of the medical community regarding critical new medical advancements. To ensure compliance and transparency regulations are followed during these events, the company sought a more effective means of data collection. Our work for Sanofi Genzyme passes audit and compliance requirements and ensures that it can continue to advance new therapies that make a positive impact on the lives of patients around the world.

    Read More

  • A Rapidly Growing Virtual Care Delivery Platform for Health Care Organizations

    A Rapidly Growing Virtual Care Delivery Platform for Health Care Organizations

    Our client created a state-of-the art platform that provides secure and robust virtual care to improve patient experience. The platform helps health care organizations and providers simplify patient care, maximizing efficiency. Scheduling, telehealth, screen sharing, and secure messaging are among the platform’s many features. End clients include private and public entities, including the U.S. Coast Guard. Our team works closely with the client as an extension of its in-house development team, providing support in all phases of the development process. Read More