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Up and Running Software helps digital agencies and fellow software development companies cater to their clients with expertly built custom software solutions that combine the best applicable technology with tried and tested methodology. Our track record shows that we can provide high-quality and high-performing software applications built upon any type of framework and for companies of all sizes, be they startups or Fortune 50 enterprises. Since 1995, more than 500 clients, including market leaders, have relied upon us to develop their platforms and applications so they can can offer hundreds of millions of customers software that delivers value at scale.

We’ve served over 40 agencies, delivering quality products for end clients such as Xerox, General Electric, Jiffy Lube, The Gap, Gerber Childrenswear, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Henry Schein, and LaCroix. In addition to our breadth and depth of experience, our competitive rate structure allows our agency partners to double or triple our rates at a minimum, making us both a profitable and skilled option. Our commitment to the client, in-depth knowledge of many systems, level of professionalism, and proactive communication skills are what set us apart.

Over the years, we’ve seen many companies, especially digital agencies and web design companies, struggle to keep up with the demand for technology and customized software as digitization continues to trend. To ensure timely delivery to clients, it’s become common to entrust some or all parts of the technical work to another company. Some of the world’s most successful businesses were built this way, leveraging outsourcing practices for some of their projects, and even continuing to outsource part of their operations for the long term.

At Up and Running Software, we’ve been a partner to a diverse range of web and digital agencies and can anticipate exactly what a client needs when hiring us. Our developers can become an extended part of your development team, adapting to your workflows and culture. Though we do have our preferences when left to our own devices, we are flexible and will not impose our structures or workflows onto your team or company. We are happy to provide a fresh perspective and new ideas, but we know that ours is just a way, not the way.


View what some of our most trusted agency partners have to say.

“First of all, I can’t do enough to sing your guys’ praises for jumping in and bending over backward for this project. Let’s be’s been a mess on our side. We are not in the habit of getting to this point in our projects. It’s been hard for us, and I’m sure it’s been a difficult one for you all to step into and help to get everything back on track. Though the situation hasn’t been easy for us, you guys have only helped, and have gone above and beyond to accommodate our requests and communicate with the whole team. Thank you thank you thank you! Each one of you has really shined in your roles on this and has given it your care and thoughtfulness.”

- [Web Services Production Manager of a Design Agency]

“UnR Team,
Thank you for all your collaboration and support this year. We had a great year and great feedback from our clients. Thanks for working with us to make that happen. We wish you great holidays and look forward to working together in 2018.”

- [CEO of a Creative Digital Agency]

"I have had the pleasure of working with Up and Running, a custom software development partner of Alliance Data, for many years and can vouch that their technical prowess and work ethic will exceed your expectations. Up and Running is an exceptionally reliable and consistent resource. In fact, they are the most competent and dependable software vendor I’ve worked with in my entire career. From custom PHP in support of complex Drupal systems, to responsive designs, to Apache configuration, to helping our internal and external customers with whatever they might need, Up and Running was a quick call, Skype, and email away. They have been a valuable and adaptable addition to our team, easily adjusting to the demands of each and every project and delivering great results while communicating professionally. We and our clients are demanding too; we are a multibillion-dollar company and most of our customers are multi-billion dollar customers, a point I want to make to ensure I’m conveying well enough the caliber of people I’ve interacted with. I look forward to working with Up and Running for many years to come and I highly recommend their talented team! They know technology and, most importantly, they care about the projects personally and they’re just really enjoyable and easy to work with."

- Irene K., Web Development Manager at Epsilon, an Alliance Data company


“Software development” encompasses many languages, frameworks, and formats. Our team of expert engineers is focused on the latest trends and technologies across the major web and mobile platforms. Our size enables us to be proficient in all mainstream programming languages, development stacks, and frameworks, thus being able to adapt to your approach and needs. For example, if your current project is based on PHP and you need one or more developers to scale, we can provide that. Ditto Ruby, Magento, Python, and the like. We also provide related technical services in addition to front-end and back-end software development, including QA, architecture, DevOps, and systems administration.

Our agency partners have enlisted our help for various aspects of the software development lifecycle. In some cases, we are hired temporarily to assist with a specific short-term project, while in other cases we are brought on as an extension of the agency’s in-house development team, or even given the opportunity of fulfilling the entire project for the end customer on our client’s behalf. The high level of work we are entrusted with goes to show how much confidence our partners have in us. As a result, we’ve built sustainable, long-term relationships with many agency partners, all of whom choose to continue working with us because we know our craft, are dependable, communicate well, and deliver scalable software assets that generate value for the long term at a competitive rate.

For a complete overview of our team resume, including a comprehensive list of our technical competencies, please click here.

In addition to custom software development, our core services include:


Recruiting skilled professionals is a time-consuming and costly endeavor even when they work out. We understand that you may occasionally have short-term needs or a large project for an end client that requires additional support exceeding your current capacity but may not justify a permanent, full-time hire. Up and Running Software provides this support so that you can easily scale up your team to provide continuous, quality solutions to your clients.

Our staff augmentation service guarantees experienced IT team members for short- as well as long-term projects who provide expert support throughout the project’s entire lifecycle. Our team of more than 100 software professionals is steadily growing via our deliberate selection process. Besides having the right skills, industry knowledge, and experience, we only hire developers if they are also passionate about what they do, take ownership of commitments, communicate exceptionally well, care at the personal level about outcomes, you, their work, and their peers.

Our team members are experienced in working with agencies of all types and in different industries including health care, e-commerce, logistics, education, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, so we can accommodate needs for any desired industry-specific background. Learn more about our team.


At Up and Running Software, we are happy to provide a fresh perspective if asked. We’ve seen a lot in our over two decades of working across all industries. We can offer feedback on the new features you develop, help you focus on priorities, advise you from a technical perspective, and connect you with partners in your network. From our experience working with agency partners, we know that they require high-quality software in the shortest amount of time possible. At the same time, we also know that all good things take time. Cutting corners is not our style, meaning that when we do something, we will work efficiently to do it correctly. When working with us, you are guaranteed a partner you can rely on who will always deliver quality work you can proudly present to your clients.

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