OnePak wanted help extending their custom shipping solution that manages used equipment return, inspection, resale, and tracking for some of the largest providers of computer, heavy, and medical equipment in the world. Up and Running used its depth in PHP, processes (learned from Silicon Valley hands-on technical directors who were our customers many years ago), and QA to contribute in many ways while working alongside the OnePak technical team.

OnePak is a leading provider of software that manages used equipment return, inspection, resale and tracking. They work with some of the largest providers of computer, heavy, and medical equipment in the world to handle end-of-lease asset logistical returns and shipments. The application is built to handle a variety of user roles, requirements, and customer entities, including the lessee, lessor, resale distributor, and the various members of the client management team.

The application is implemented using PHP with MySQL as the database layer. Smarty is used for the templating system with extensive use of AJAX to improve the end-user experience.

Up and Running is fully integrated into the client’s development and functional verification workflow, which closely follows standard Agile/Scrum software development methodologies. Our team is responsible for implementing end-customer and client feature requests while troubleshooting customer bug reports. Up and Running QA team members handle functional and verification testing while our Software Development Architect handles the role of ScrumMaster for the project.

So far, Up and Running has helped with the following aspects of the application’s development:

Going forward, the client and Up and Running will be:

It has been a very interesting project in which to participate. The domain knowledge required for the application is extensive, and, as an outcome of our wanting to make onboarding more efficient, it has helped us to improve techniques for maintaining and distributing this information in order to quickly bring new team members up to speed. Outside of our normal development contributions, Up and Running has provided value to the client by recommending and implementing a new development workflow based on Agile, which has improved development throughput significantly while also greatly improving task queue visibility for upper management.

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