Up and Running Software Looks Ahead: Embracing Technology Post-Pandemic

Ames, IA – January 14, 2021 – Technology industry veteran Up and Running Software is helping its clients succeed in a post-pandemic environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies due to social distancing norms and various lockdown measures. People and organizations worldwide have quickly digitized operations. Three industries that have been particularly affected for the long term are health care, education and e-commerce, verticals in which Ames, IA-based Up and Running Software is most experienced.

The pandemic’s impact on the health care industry reaches beyond directly addressing COVID-19. Many providers moved to telehealth seemingly overnight, with routine and sometimes specialized medical care performed remotely. Such digitization requires additional layers of security to meet federal standards such as HIPAA. Up and Running Software is an experienced provider of health care software development services, from electronic medical records to tools for medical imagining analysis, electronic prescription management and more. Its solutions have passed federal audits and are used to literally save lives.

The education industry, both public and private, is still largely in flux after roughly ten months of adjusting to a patchwork of often changing, and sometimes conflicting, local and national guidelines and realities. Instruction, assignments, assessment, monitoring and social services are now completed digitally in many places. Up and Running Software’s track record in e-learning and related endeavors is notable, having served universities, primary and secondary schools, research institutions and other related organizations for decades. This work has enabled remote instructional delivery, student growth and downstream career success for its end users.

Finally, the long-term shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce has accelerated. Yet, roughly a year after the first outbreak, many companies still struggle to meet demand. The move toward online sales is expected to continue beyond the pandemic. Thus, businesses who have not yet started building or further scaling an online presence are urged to adapt or risk falling behind. As an e-commerce specialist, Up and Running Software helps companies create or expand their online stores and offerings through a broad range of e-commerce services and solutions.

The initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout provides hope, but there are many areas of life that will never fully revert to how they were at the beginning of 2019. Many people will still work remotely; routine medical appointments will be offered remotely; students will continue to have virtual learning modules; and people will remain wary of crowds at stores and restaurants. Up and Running Software, a virtual company since its founding, provides the tools to support companies in this challenging new endeavor and beyond, as it has done for many prominent clients since 1995.

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