Up and Running Software Helps Companies Succeed Amid Uncertainty

Ames, IA – June 2, 2020 – Up and Running Software, a software solutions company, has a successful track record of serving the industries now most affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. In business since 1995, Up and Running Software serves all sectors and has developed particular depth in the health care and education industries.

The drastic spread of the novel coronavirus has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide. Companies are innovating to minimize disruptions to their services and operations while simultaneously contributing to serving their communities and keeping the economy running. Ames, Iowa-based Up and Running Software helps its clients do just that, anticipating current and future business and organizational needs given its experience working with clients from various sectors.

The sudden surges in telemedicine and telehealth in recent months have demanded quick adaptation by professionals, patients and organizations. Fortunately, health care is one of Up and Running Software's deepest verticals. The company has provided comprehensive software solutions to dozens of such clients, facilitating the work of health care professionals to improve the lives of their patients and customers. Examples of Up and Running Software's health care work include solutions related to e-prescribing, patient medication management, vaccine monitoring and transport, medical imaging research and more. Up and Running Software's life-saving work is HIPAA-compliant and has passed audits by the Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration. Past clients include Hearst Health, Sanofi and Henry Schein.

The education sector has also undergone abrupt transformations, and it's another industry in which Up and Running Software has vast experience. Almost overnight, many students, teachers and administrators shifted from classroom-based environments to virtual spaces. Having built e-learning and career readiness solutions that help providers manage, plan, deliver and track the learning process of their students, Up and Running Software would be an asset to those organizations looking for a partner to help them transition to today's new educational landscape.

Given the pandemic's uncertain duration and to ensure a continuity of business, organizations should plan for long-term adaptation. As distance collaboration may become standard practice and technology the primary instrument, software needs are also expected to increase. With a history of successfully helping its clients achieve sustainable competitive advantages with intelligent software solutions, Up and Running Software is a valuable resource for companies seeking to survive now and thrive later.

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