Up and Running Software Provides Insight into its Work in the Logistics and Transportation Sector

Ames, IA – January 17, 2018 – With over 20 years of experience in developing custom software, Ames, Iowa-based Up and Running Software has partnered with companies in a wide variety of industries, including that of logistics and transportation.

The logistics and transportation market is one of the most competitive business sectors globally. In the digital age, this competition is only increasing. Up and Running Software has worked closely with industry leaders, developing custom software solutions that have kept these companies ahead of their competitors.

Traditionally, supply chain transactions are completed manually, creating delays and a higher risk for recording error, potentially resulting in differences between what was recorded and what was actually loaded. By digitizing this process, the information is captured and entered directly, creating a single, shared database that all authorized participants can access and which can only be altered with consensus from all parties.

This was exactly the case for Iowa Interstate Railroad (IAISRR), who operates trains running between Omaha, Nebraska, and Chicago, Illinois. Up and Running Software developed a custom solution for the company to automate most of the workflow and all of IAISRR reporting to the Federal Railroad Administration. This solution, called eHOS, allows crew members to enter details about their shifts from any device or kiosk at stations and terminals. Additionally, the platform can be used to enter daily assignments, and it alerts managers and crew members about upcoming time limits and rest times, ensuring that IAISRR is compliant with FRA regulations.

Up and Running Software’s solution has increased accuracy and efficiency for its client partner in addition to reducing error and overhead.

The company’s solutions for some of its other industry clients include a complete, fully integrated Internet of things (IoT) platform for a manufacturing and supply chain company. The client wanted to manage any device anywhere, from design to sourcing to assembly and supply chain management. Up and Running Software’s IoT solution allows for rapid deployment of applications across all devices for the client’s current and future manufacturing customers. The flexible platform allows hardware devices to have remote monitoring, control and alert messaging, permitting end customers to interact with their products anywhere in the world on any connected device, ultimately supporting millions of devices.

The logistics and transportation sector continues to grow tremendously due to increased connectivity and automation. Consequently, software solutions will become a necessity instead of a convenience, and essential for staying ahead of the competition. Up and Running Software has the experience and the skills to help you do so.

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