Up and Running Software Helps Passare Revolutionize the Funeral Planning Experience

Ames, IA – January 19, 2018 – Up and Running Software and Passare aim to transform the funeral planning process for professionals and families into a more personal and connected experience through an innovative online collaboration platform.

The funeral industry is evolving in response to the new generations seeking its services—customers’ expectations of digital interactions are ever increasing, and family and friends are becoming more geographically distributed. Passare saw this trend in the market as an opportunity to help improve lives.

The Silicon Valley-based SaaS company first introduced its platform in late 2014. Passare is a groundbreaking, multi-faceted platform which facilitates the end-of-life management process and promises to revolutionize the funeral and death care industry.

Up and Running Software has been a key partner in building the industry-leading platform which enables consumers to easily conduct online planning and preparation for end-of-life matters from any Internet-connected device. The portal is designed to connect consumers with end-of-life providers, services and planning tools through one easy-to-use, intuitive application. Working closely with trusted funeral homes, Passare is helping to ease the burden that survivors face during that trying time, minimizing the hours and days spent at the funeral home instead of with loved ones.

Passare looked beyond its tech-saturated backyard in the Bay Area and partnered with Ames, Iowa-based Up and Running Software in early 2013. With over two decades’ experience creating and implementing custom software solutions, Up and Running Software was founded in 1995 and serves clients of all sizes across all industries. Its products—software as a service, e-commerce, Internet of things, financial instruments, and more—are enjoyed by millions of end users worldwide.

Since partnering with Passare, Up and Running Software has provided multiple full-time teams to complete tens of thousands of developer hours on several thousand work tickets, resulting in one of the company’s largest ongoing efforts. Up and Running Software has contributed to the full product lifecycle, from prototyping through to quality assurance. The application has myriad features related to case management and services planning, including e-commerce features, document generation, custom reporting, an internal chat service, and more.

Both companies have expressed their enthusiasm about the partnership, having built a product that is serving a social need and helping so many people directly. Their bottom lines have also benefited, with the two firms enjoying consistent year-over-year growth—a testament to both their work and the product.

Passare CEO Jay Thomas, who has over twenty years’ experience leading teams in the global technology market for companies of varying sizes, is very satisfied with the collaboration. “[Up and Running Software] helped us build something better than the rest of the industry.” Thomas also cited Up and Running Software’s price point and work ethic, highlighting the Midwestern firm as being “very price-competitive” and “a good team to work with.”

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