Up and Running Software Demonstrates its Commitment to Education in its Work and Deeds

Ames, IA – January 23, 2018 – With over two decades of experience in developing custom software for clients in every industry, Up and Running Software has demonstrated a commitment to the education sector, both through its work as well as in its actions in the community.

The Iowa-based company’s solutions have greatly aided students, teachers, researchers and administrators. E-learning solutions that incorporate interactive exercises and games using graphics, animation, audio and video, as well as virtual classrooms, encourage learning by putting students at the heart of the pedagogical experience. Personalizing the educational experience helps to deepen the student’s engagement, in turn increasing his or her performance.

Up and Running Software has supported many clients in the education field, with end-users including schools, colleges, adult education organizations, correctional facilities, home-schooled students and more. Something that all of the company’s clients in the education sector have in common is that they all help prepare students to be ready to enter and succeed in the ever-evolving workforce.

One such client, Essential Education, specializes in online adult education coursework for a variety of applications. Over the last several years, Up and Running Software has helped Essential Education build a platform that delivers educational content in the form of online courses (lesson modules and assessments) to students, gathers data on their learning progress (scores, course progress and study time), and provides reporting and feedback to students and their instructors for assessment.

Essential Education’s products help adults prepare for tests such as the GED, HiSET, and TASC, as well as instructional materials on computer and Internet literacy, job skills and financial management. Offline versions of some of its educational and training products are available for use in correctional facilities.

Another client partner is Future N Focus, a California-based startup focusing on career readiness and workforce development. Its Dream Catcher platform—built by Up and Running Software—is designed for online and in-class instruction for children and adults alike. Features include an occupation database, career assessments, and an aid in preparing for the job interview process. Dream Catcher was named “Most Likely to Succeed” at the 2017 Education Technology Industry Network of the Software & Information Industry Association.

Up and Running Software believes in education’s importance beyond business and client work. To that end, Up and Running Software and its principals have donated time, money and resources to myriad educational causes in their home regions. Examples include donating technology to school systems, lecturing at universities, mentoring students interested in software, donating to and volunteering at the local Boys & Girls Club, and more. You can read more about the company’s focus on education and community here.

While client satisfaction and profitability are important to the business, being able to contribute to society by helping to build a strong workforce of sophisticated and successful individuals is immensely fulfilling for the people who make up the business.

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