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Up and Running is a PHP-centered development company

We create custom web software. We can help you navigate technical complexity to solve your problems and see your ideas evolve into working solutions. We've been here since 1995, designing and rolling out custom enterprise and web-based solutions across the world.

Technically, we are known for our web services, database, and architecting experience. We are experts in the technologies that drive sites such as Facebook, Yahoo!, and Wikipedia. Our core competencies are PHP, SQL, JavaScript, XML, Apache, and Amazon Web Services. The work we do is more on the engines of websites than the look and feel.

From a soft skills perspective, we are known for our communication, commitment to the customer, and our ability to creatively and accurately translate business needs into working software.

For more information please download:
Who We Are, Our Clients, and Core Services


Having been in the technical business since 1995 and focusing strongly on Internet software development since 2001, we’ve deployed and extended most open source software frameworks and technologies. In particular, given our focus, our skills in PHP, NoSQL, JavaScript, Apache, Amazon Web Services, HTML, and CSS are extremely advanced. We also have professional-level depth in Ruby, Java, ASP.NET, and more. This includes not just the development, but also all supporting functions, such as quality assurance, systems administration, and business analysis.

The greatest volume of our work comes from SaaS technical companies and startups, e-commerce clients who use Magento, and companies that want to build out custom business systems using the latest technologies. The projects include new builds, migrations, and support and extension of legacy systems for all devices. Whether it’s a system to manage railroads, software to keep nuclear plants running, software to help millions of users get meaning out of their emails, an extremely detailed and custom reporting system to help consultants help farmers, a content management email program used by the largest retailers on the planet, a scalable IoT application that can handle 100,000s of products for 1,000s of direct clients and 1,000,000s of end consumers, or a system to help multinationals and governments manage every node on their network, we can develop it and support it.

We’ve learned a lot from our clients over the years, in particular the hands-on CTOs and Directors of Technology at well-funded startups and process-focused nationals and multinationals who taught us repeatable, scalable, and productive software development processes. It’s an honor when we can help clients implement these processes to get more value out of their software development and increase transparency and improve the quality of communication. On that note, our values are communication and transparency, and we live those and we hire for those skills and behaviors. This means we care about how you want to communicate, we listen, and, as a result, we build out software that not only functions, but it does what you want how you want it to, your way.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to have a conversation with our founding owner, Peter Hanson (cell: 906-281-1178 | email: peter@upandrunningsoftware.com). He’s not just around for the technical sales and architecture phases either. Peter is in the details, still programs himself, and is a call away if you ever need something if we end up working together. It’s a flat organization here by design.

These are some of the technologies we focus on. Logos owned by respective owners. Presence does not indicate a partnership or endorsement.



Our services include:

  • Software Development
    • Support and Scale of Existing Systems
    • Creation of New Systems
    • Migrations of Legacy Software
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance
  • Implementation Rollout and Support
  • Systems Administration
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We are proud to present our client partners
Here is a selection, and the Customer List presents more, though it’s still not a full list of all of our customers.
We generally serve 125 customers per year, and most of our revenue comes from the top 30 of those.


We have team members in New York City, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and near Detroit, Michigan. It’ll be easy to meet with you in person if you live near any of these cities. Outside of that, it’s no issue to take a plane, train, or car to meet with you.

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