These words about Up and Running come straight from the heart. They are unsolicited thoughts from our customers:

Railroad Company

"Stan has been an awesome resource on the project. [Our business stakeholder] doesn’t have the expertise or time to manage the developers and handle all of their questions. Stan is really engaged on the project and has been a huge help."

- [Director of IT]

Xobni (acquired by Yahoo!)

"Hey Peter,
Kudos to you and your team. I'm constantly impressed with the quality of work that you guys put together. Plus I love the attitude the guys have around getting things done and being flexible."

- Frank Cort, Vice President of Engineering at Xobni (acquired by Yahoo!)

Future and Focus

"You guys are gold!"

- Steve Ward

Essential Education

thank you SCBWI
Kind words from a great customer!


thank you SCBWI
SCBWI ice cream delivery


"Hey Peter,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how great [Up and Running Developer] was in his help to get [Metrical Client] "up and running" last weekend. [Metrical Client] is a key customer, and they wanted to make a change where their design firm created a new Metrical survey, in isolation of any of the styles on the their site, and when we were ready to push it, it didn't look right at all.

In very little time, and without any warning, [Up and Running Developer] was able to look into this on a weekend(!) and make the necessary fixes so we could push the change live. Without him, we'd have had to have waited until Tuesday, and the customer would have been upset. Thanks to [Up and Running Developer] and you, for hiring him, we had a great experience, and so did our customer.

Thank You!"

- ‎ Aurangzeb Agha, Founder & CEO at Metrical

Drug Database Management Company

"The certification process for [Product Name] has been completed! Our certification rep signed off and is going to submit to their internal certification board for final approval next week. This is a big milestone for us, and I couldn't be prouder of all those involved to get to this point. As mentioned previously, there is still work to be done to wrap up the DEA Audit and other integration pieces, but we can take a moment for a quick breath knowing this piece is out of the way."

- ‎[Development Lead]


"Based on discussions with the client, our new delivery date is January 20th. I’d expect at least one round of bug/issue fixes after that. Based on the great progress you guys have made, I think this is doable. Let me know if you have significant concerns about that date.

I’d like to take a minute to thank you guys for your hard work on this project. I know it's been a bit stressful at times. The timeline has been aggressive on our side as well. But, I’m really impressed with the progress you guys have made so far. There are some fairly complicated aspects to this project, but you guy have jumped in to the deep end and done very well. I specifically told our company president, Dan, that I’m impressed with the work you guys have done. Especially given a few limitations from our side. Thanks for your hard work. We have a final push ahead of us, but I think it is a surmountable mountain. Then, we can hopefully work together on projects that have less intimidating timelines.

I’m always pleased this time of year to work on projects like these, that stand to be of service to so many people struggling with dementia related illnesses. Projects like the DPUK are important steps towards bringing answers and healing to a lot of people. It's an honor to get paid to be a part of that. Thanks for helping us in this work."

- ‎Tim Olsen, CTO at Radiologics (Clinical Research Imaging Startup)

Household Name E-commerce and Catalog Company

"Thank you! I really appreciate everyone’s help. Thanks for working it through on the call today. And Andrew great job on the elegant code!"

- ‎[Co-owner and Technology VP]

Logistics Company

"Hi Peter,

I had reached out this past summer discussing a CRM project. We had gone ahead and continued to the development with our existing provider. Things have not gone smoothly and now we are looking to move the project to another provider. Would you have time for a phone call next week? I am looking to discuss our options. Thank you."

- ‎[Marketing Coordinator]

Design Agency

"First of all, I can't do enough to sing your guys' praises for jumping in and bending over backward for this project. Let's be honest...it's been a mess on our side. We are not in the habit of getting to this point in our projects. It's been hard for us, and I'm sure it's been a difficult one for you all to step into and help to get everything back on track. Though the situation hasn't been easy for us, you guys have only helped, and have gone above and beyond to accommodate our requests and communicate with the whole team. Thank you thank you thank you! Each one of you has really shined in your roles on this and has given it your care and thoughtfulness."

- ‎[Web Services Production Manager]

Drug Database Management Company

A client that manages large medication databases to make hospital systems safer made us quite happy by sending us this remix of a Rasmus Lerdorf thank you.

thank you
Rasmus Lerdorf thank you

Someone in our Sales Network

"Just wanted to get a note off to you and say that you have impressed [recommended company contact] and the people she works with, so keep up the good work!"

- ‎[Referring Sales Professional]

Dagger Analytics

"[Up And Running Developer] is working out very well, as expected. We were wondering whether you might be able to make him available full-time, in the near future? I think we could use him full-time for a good 4-6 months. I realize that might take some time to wean him from existing projects, if you are able to spare him at all.

In addition to a full-time [Up And Running Developer], we would also be interested to bring someone else on board from UAR, if you have someone comparable?"

- ‎Bruce Fein, Legal Director at Dagger Analytics

Design Agency

"Hey Peter,

[‎Creative Director and Partner] asked me to follow up with you on how [Up and Running Developer] is doing. Thanks for checking in. I've made the rounds with the people who are in the trenches with [Up and Running Developer], and the feedback so far is very good. High marks on his front-end capabilities, including the quality of the work as well as his pace of work. I hear that he's been very responsive and communicative, and has been letting the team know if something does take him any longer than expected. His attention to detail has been great, and he's been good at running with tasks without needing too much hand-holding, but knowing when to come back with questions.

So good news all around!"

- ‎[Web Services Production Manager]

AMIA - Informatics Professionals

"Our new site Drupal 7 went well smoothly and cannot say enough. Thank you."

- Miyoung Kim, Web Developer at American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)

Artsopolis Marketing Partnership (AMP)

"Dang you guys are good. I just appreciate how you guys are thinking ahead on this stuff, where other programmers just add something, but then don’t think through the business logic or the usability. This is exactly why we want to keep pushing more stuff your way."

- Jeff Trabucco, Interim Managing Direct at Artsopolis Marketing Partnership (AMP)


"Hi Pete,

Just wanted to touch base with you. The [Medical Research Council] related work is starting to wind down but I'm anticipating that we'll have some additional work coming soon for a different client of ours. I also have some potential work in my lab at [University] that I'd like to have you guys work on. Would the Up and Running team have time available for that?

BTW, I'm very pleased with the way our working partnership has evolved. You've got a good team."

- Dan Marcus, PhD, Founder, President at Radiologics (Clinical Research Imaging Startup)

Design Agency

"You kept your word and you delivered."

- [Owner of a Creative Design Agency]

Brace Builders

"Thanks for the excellent followup. I've been a commercial rep for the majority of my career and can easily spot a pro. :-)"

- Darryn Flint, Owner at Brace Builders

Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

"Very easy to register this way. Took all of one minute. Thanks for making this so painless." (This was stated after Curt tried out our PETS Rotary registration workflow for the first time.)

- Curt Detjen, President/CEO at Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

Grace After Fire (http://graceafterfire.org link out - a site dedicated to supporting Women Veterans)

"I am so proud of this site. Logging in is one of the first things I do after awaking each day and one of the last things I do before going to bed. You guys have done such a tremendous job, and I just want to thank everyone involved."

- US Veteran

University of Maryland

"Wow, what a cool report!!"

- Daniel Ramia, Assistant Dean, Finance and Management at the University of Maryland

Portage Health - Annual Report Team

Portage Health did us a great honor by mentioning our team and the importance of our combined efforts in one of their Annual Reports. "Eight months ago, Portage Health teamed with Up and Running, Inc. to create a Web presence that would meet and exceed the expectations of its Web visitors. The Webanauts (a fun moniker for the team of professionals who came together to plan and implement the project) were led by Portage's Webmaster, Jessica Brassard, and Up and Running's project managers, Ian McKilligan and Andrew McKellar. "If you'd like, please click to see where we were mentioned in the report link out, or click to view the full annual report link out.

Horizon Research, Inc.

"(4:02:38 PM) *Alison Bowes:* now what???
(4:04:20 PM) *UAR:* now what what? Looks spectacular, live, ready to go?
(4:04:29 PM) *Alison Bowes:* yes.
(4:04:44 PM) *Alison Bowes:* but what do I do NOW??? I feel too light and floaty :-)
(4:04:51 PM) *Alison Bowes:* what will I do with my time???
(4:05:18 PM) *UAR:* oh? sorry, I have been in upgrade panic mode
(4:05:28 PM) *UAR:* I was worried something died horribly
(4:05:35 PM) *Alison Bowes:* no.
(4:05:39 PM) *Alison Bowes:* it's WONDERFUL
(4:05:42 PM) *UAR:* AWESOME!
(4:05:42 PM) *Alison Bowes:* BEAUTIFUL
(4:05:46 PM) *Alison Bowes:* and...
(4:05:56 PM) *Alison Bowes:* I already have a list of new tickets :-(
(4:06:01 PM) *Alison Bowes:* but not anything wrong
(4:06:09 PM) *Alison Bowes:* just more "brilliant" ideas from the users
(4:06:15 PM) *UAR:* sweet!
(4:06:16 PM) *Alison Bowes:* "it would be really cool if..."
(4:06:26 PM) *UAR:* that is a sign we did a wonderful job!
(4:06:31 PM) *UAR:* that is awesome, I'm so happy
(4:06:31 PM) *Alison Bowes:* well, duh
(4:06:38 PM) *Alison Bowes:* you knew you'd done an awesome job.
(4:06:57 PM) *Alison Bowes:* and now my very tired tushy is going home!
(4:07:15 PM) *UAR:* enjoy your weekend!
(4:07:20 PM) *Alison Bowes:* you too
(4:07:21 PM) *Alison Bowes:* !!
(4:07:24 PM) *UAR:* thanks!"

- Alison Bowes, Senior Research Associate at Horizon Research, Inc.

Web Startup

"We've had the opportunity to talk to a few other developers and it appears a lot of them are not experienced or realistic enough in their quotes. I really feel like you provided the most detailed, honest, and professional quote from all of the other candidates we spoke with, so thank you for that."

- [Business Owner and Web Entrepreneur]

Imagen Multimedia Corp

"Thank you so much! This is working out for me very well, I appreciate your help!"

- Dottie Natal, President at Imagen Multimedia Corp


"(12:10:07 PM) interactivevoicesceo: Did I ever tell you --- YOU Rock!
(12:10:11 PM) interactivevoicesceo: Thanks buddy
(12:10:12 PM) interactivevoicesceo: Later"

- David Ciccarelli, President / Chief Executive Officer at Voices.com

LA Stage Alliance

"Hooray! double hooray! UAR rocks!"

- Douglas Clayton, Director of Programming and Operations at LA Stage Alliance

Michigan Technological University

"Ian, thank you for taking time last week to meet with my students. They were impressed with your overall operation. It gave some of them food for thought -- carving out their own niche and considering a startup venture. And, it's always a personal pleasure to learn more about your company."

- Mari W. Buche, Associate Professor in Management Information Systems at MTU School of Business & Economics

Tiny Design Studio

"Thank you SO MUCH. The site looks great. I officially cut the other developer loose from all projects. As we move forward, I am very grateful to have found you and what I feel will be a solid business relationship."

- Melissa Bauer, Owner at Tiny Design Studio

Web Startup

"It's reassuring to see that your priorities are in the right places. It's clear that you have a business + technical background. Having just the latter doesn't allow you to appreciate the bigger picture. Having just the former doesn't allow you to appreciate the details."

- [Business Owner and Web Entrepreneur]

Portage Health

"Your company is the best - not only in the work they do, but for customer service. Always pleasant to deal with. I always recommend Up and Running to people in need of service."

- Connie Greenleaf, Executive Secretary at Portage Health