Up and Running Software Continues Anticipating Customer Needs by Preparing for What’s Next in Tech

Ames, IA – January 29, 2020 – Up and Running Software continues to work closely with its high-tech clients, ready to take on the next breakthrough.

In business for over two decades, Up and Running Software designs custom enterprise and web-based solutions used by millions across the globe. The company is fluent in all mainstream programming languages and technologies, including PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, C++, .NET, and JavaScript.

Up and Running Software’s clientele includes a cadre of high-tech companies that innovate and build specialized software. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, the internet of things, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and cloud computing are some of the areas in which Up and Running Software has worked with its client partners.

One such client is an AI innovator, backed by Tencent and HTC Vive X, whose work lies at the nexus of identity, security, and blockchain technology. Up and Running Software collaborates with the company’s in-house technical team, helping to build and develop a leading AI platform.

Other high-tech clients include Xobni, a startup eventually acquired by Yahoo!, which specialized in software that began as an Outlook plugin and evolved into an organization platform for all electronic communications. Now the software is fully integrated in Yahoo! Mail and deployed worldwide on more than 3,500 servers, serving over 350 million users.

In the health care sector, Up and Running Software is honored to have served First Databank, a Hearst Health company, contributing to truly life-saving work. Up and Running Software developed a comprehensive HL7-compliant patient medication management solution, which includes e-prescribing. The flexible, customizable system was also built for full government compliance, having passed Drug Enforcement Administration and Food and Drug Administration audits for implementation.

For a leading manufacturing and supply chain company, Up and Running Software built an internet of things platform that allows hardware devices to have remote monitoring, control, and alert messaging, allowing end users to interact with their products anywhere on any connected device. The large-scale platform is capable of supporting millions of devices while maintaining its flexibility, so that it may later be customized to allow for new contexts and hardware devices.

The many ways in which Up and Running Software’s clients are leveraging technology are just a sampling of what’s possible. The company has acquired a unique breadth of industry-specific experience and skills over the years, allowing it to both anticipate what tech-focused clients need from a software development partner as well as quickly adapt as trends and technologies change.

Should you be looking for a software partner to help bring your own high-tech solution to fruition, Up and Running Software would be honored to serve you.

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