Up and Running Software: A Midwestern Company with a National Reach

Ames, IA – January 16, 2018 – Up and Running Software’s Midwestern ethos offers a personal touch while yielding consistent growth.

Up and Running Software continues to help its clients across the country by developing custom software solutions that solve problems, doing so with transparency and communication. What began as a technical services firm in 1995 has grown into a custom enterprise software provider whose products are used globally to manage prescriptions, process and protect financial data, deliver vaccines, help loved ones in their time of need, and much more.

Beginning in Michigan and now based in Ames, Iowa, Up and Running Software has Midwestern roots that run deep into the heart of its corporate identity, one that values the golden rule. This has been integral to gaining client trust and achieving consistent year-over-year growth. Customer happiness is the company’s North Star.

Up and Running Software serves clients of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 10, and in all sectors, including health care, e-commerce, manufacturing and transportation. Serving clients near its Midwestern doorstep such as Iowa Interstate Railroad, AccuQuilt and eCreamery, Up and Running Software also works with client partners on both coasts and all points in between, including Hearst Corp., FDLIC, ObEN and Metrical.

Building custom software for such a wide range of clients has yielded a diverse portfolio, applications which have been implemented in a variety of uses: e-learning, medical imaging, data analytics, nuclear inventory management, artificial intelligence and much more.

Being a virtual company allows Up and Running Software to hire the best engineering experts regardless of location, with team members in Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, California, New York and beyond. Perfected over a decade, the company’s model allows for providing exceptional value while minimizing overhead—savings which benefit the customer. This allows the company to offer top tier services at a more competitive price than its Silicon Valley-based peers.

The company’s flat hierarchy means that the owners, architects, developers and support staff are all accessible to one another and customers alike, offering a personalized service experience and quick response time.

Up and Running Software is ready to discuss your tech needs with you, and to build software to enable your business needs.

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