Up and Running Software Enables Nonprofits and Gives Back to Communities

Ames, IA – January 29, 2021 – Up and Running Software, an Ames, Iowa-based technology solutions provider, highlights its commitment to the nonprofit sector, both through its work as well as its charitable endeavors.

Since its founding in 1995, Up and Running Software has partnered with numerous nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of fields: health care, education, publishing and more. From community health care systems to a provider of vaccine monitoring infrastructure funded by Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, and from professional membership organizations to the United Nations, Up and Running Software enables nonprofits of all sizes with technology.

Mindful of the budget constraints typical of many nonprofits, Up and Running Software works with each client to maximize resources, allocating team members and prioritizing tasks to attain tech-related organizational goals within budget. Additionally, while technology may not be a priority for all nonprofits’ missions, it can help them to achieve their goals more efficiently. Examples include software for digital fundraising, membership management, event planning, tax preparation or a custom solution specific to a nonprofit’s particular needs.

In addition to its work for nonprofits, Up and Running Software deeply values giving back to society, contributing money, time and work to numerous organizations that serve others and enrich communities. Examples include educational initiatives, services for children with special needs, athletic and other extra-curricular activities, local Rotary chapters, disaster relief, technical education for children and young adults, literacy advocacy and pro bono consulting.

Being a virtual company with a distributed team, Up and Running Software’s charitable impact extends far beyond its central Iowa location. In addition to the company donating to national and international causes, individual team members also donate time and resources to their own local communities, be they in Michigan or New York or elsewhere.

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Up and Running Software has continued its charitable initiatives to help make a positive impact and to support those who are most in need.

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