Up and Running Software Highlights Its Work in the Analytics Sector

Ames, IA – [July 30, 2019] – Up and Running Software partners with data analytics service providers to create data analytics tools and software for the world’s largest retailers.

Up and Running Software, a provider of custom software solutions with more than two decades of experience, counts data analytics software development among its specialties. The company owes this to its partners: leading data analytics firms serving the likes of Walmart and Target. Up and Running has been privileged to serve clients such as RichRelevance, the world’s leading personalization provider. Other clients served in this industry include Metrical, CrowdTwist, DataSift, EdgeCase, and a major legal document processing firm.

Analytics has become increasingly influential in today’s business world as business leaders have come to realize its benefits. Data can help companies make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and save billions of dollars annually. To translate raw data into insights, the right data analytics tools are required. There is a wide variety of analytics service providers on the market providing those tools, and Up and Running Software has worked with many of the leading ones, successfully providing them with the software and technical support to handle and process large amounts of data for large enterprises.

Services include predictive analytics, marketing analytics, omnichannel personalization, data analysis, and any custom development best suited to your business needs.

For RichRelevance, a company providing omnichannel personalization software that serves over 1 billion daily product recommendations for the world's top retailers, Up and Running Software helped create a set of tools and tests to support client-side libraries used by RichRelevance’s customers, including giants such as HP, Costco,, CDW, and BestBuy.

Another client served is Silicon Valley-based Metrical, a startup providing a cart abandonment solution that promises an increase in checkouts. The solution, which Up and Running Software helped build, utilizes predictive analytics to identify which online shoppers may abandon their carts and leave the site without completing their purchase.

Up and Running Software can assist analytics service providers in any part of the process, be it front-end or back-end, whether an entire team is needed to assist full-time or just the support of a single data analytics developer for a temporary project.

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