Up and Running Software Prioritizes Solutions and Customer Satisfaction

Ames, IA – February 13, 2019 – Up and Running Software's portfolio has the depth and breadth to address any client need regardless of technology.

Since its founding in 1995, Ames, Iowa-based Up and Running Software has been providing its clients with personalized, expert service across a variety of technologies, languages and implementations. An any-language company, Up and Running Software focuses on custom solutions, with technology serving as the means to its ultimate end: client happiness.

Over time, it has become a trusted partner in many industries, including health care, education, finance, technology, transportation and more. Its more than 500 clients served directly and indirectly (through agencies) include Hearst, Passare, Henry Schein, General Electric, Yahoo! and Gerber Baby.

Its portfolio includes enterprise solutions using all mainstream languages and frameworks, including PHP, Ruby, .NET, C++, Python, Java and JavaScript, to name a few. Additionally, the company is expertly fluent in all varieties of SQL and NoSQL, mobile development, server administration and more. Up and Running Software's dedicated team members maintain expert competencies in mainstream technologies as well as stay abreast of new ones to adapt when called upon.

Its over two decades of custom software development, legacy system support and migrations drive the engines of solutions that thousands of businesses and millions of people rely on daily. That experience has resulted in hands-on depth in most software development stacks, from the command line systems in the back office to ones that gracefully handle any screen size worldwide. Up and Running's work passes FDA & DEA audits, rolls up global treasury data, manages nuclear assets and railroads, delivers vaccines and enables neuroscientists and researchers.

Specific examples of Up and Running Software's technologically eclectic portfolio include: an industry-leading SaaS platform based on Ruby; a top e-learning solution for high school equivalency and adult education built with PHP; a robust blockchain and artificial intelligence eco-system built with C++, Python and Java; a leading competitor to Airbnb whose platform is built with .NET; a nuclear inventory management application developed with JavaScript; and much more.

Up and Running Software's decades-long experience with software development has made it proficient in addressing any need, delivering custom solutions as well as the needed tools and features to drive traffic, increase sales or reach any of its current and future clients' business-related goals.

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