Up and Running Software Helps Internet Retailers Maximize Sales with Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Ames, IA – August 23, 2018 – Up and Running Software provides e-commerce solutions that help online businesses achieve growth.

Up and Running Software has served every client vertical since its founding in 1995. Of those, e-commerce continues to be one of Up and Running Software’s consistent areas of focus, along with health care, education and artificial intelligence solutions. Regarding e-commerce, it has served many household names, including members of the Fortune 500. Clients served directly and through agencies include: eCreamery, Xerox, Lovesac, Gerber Baby, Garrett Wade and JYSK.

Providing e-commerce solutions through a variety of technologies for well over a decade, Up and Running Software can address any need, delivering custom solutions as well as the needed tools and features to drive traffic and increase sales. One of the company’s core e-commerce strengths is Magento, having worked with it since its predecessor framework and before its initial release in 2008. However, Magento is not the company’s exclusive focus; many languages and platforms make up its e-commerce portfolio. Up and Running Software is an any-language company specializing in custom software regardless of the technology involved.

One client is Sounds True, a decades-old multimedia publishing company and leading provider of mindfulness and spirituality resources. Up and Running Software was engaged to replatform the company to Magento and, among other duties, help to quickly scale as needed to handle further integration and quality assurance needs.

Recently, Up and Running Software also served Xerox, a Fortune 500 company that sells print and digital document solutions in more than 160 countries. Up and Running Software enabled automating the handling of all order, tax, shipping, freight, and catalog inventory data, saving time and money and reducing errors.

To increase the likelihood of website visitors going from just browsing to actually adding a product to their cart and completing the purchase online, the behind-the-scenes processes of e-tailers’ websites must run smoothly. Up and Running Software helps its clients achieve just that, turning website visitors into customers with e-commerce platforms that provide solutions to optimize operational efficiency, simultaneously improving the customer experience and reducing client costs.

E-commerce grows each year, and it’s expected to only increase further. Having an experienced e-commerce partner is important for retailers, be they online-only or so-called “click-and-mortar” businesses. Up and Running Software, with its long track record of custom e-commerce solutions, can help with any need, from consulting to a full custom build.

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