Up and Running Software Accepting PAI Coin Cryptocurrency

Ames, IA – December 26, 2018 – Up and Running Software (UAR), a leading developer of custom software, today announced it will accept popular cryptocurrency PAI Coin as a method of payment.

In recent years, UAR has added numerous projects in cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to its portfolio. The acceptance of PAI Coin is a natural progression as UAR continues to work with clients and organizations in these fields and beyond.

PAI Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the PAI blockchain, envisioned by Project PAI. The project is creating a decentralized platform for intelligent, AI-based avatars built by online and biometric data supplied by the user. Project PAI intends to enable users to retain more control of their digital information by storing, using, and transacting that data on the blockchain, with the avatars—referred to as Personal AI (PAI)—being the embodiment of that data. The PAI can look and speak like the user, and can be trained to understand and mimic the behavior of the user as well by regularly informing the PAI with personal data.

UAR has elected to accept PAI Coin because it believes in the project's mission of personal data control, as well as the potential for PAI to provide a variety of useful functions across myriad sectors, including health care, travel, retail, entertainment, and more.

"When it comes to software, we revel in the latest technologies not only as practitioners but also as users," said Ian McKilligan, CEO of UAR. "Given UAR's expansion into blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI in recent years, and coupled with our emphasis on transparency and security, we found PAI Coin to be a fitting choice for us to engage on the user level." McKilligan also praised Project PAI's comprehensive approach, "Additionally, we value the integration of a variety of cutting-edge technologies to offer something that engages a wide audience and has a practical use in a variety of settings and transactions. It's not just for so-called 'power users,' but for everyone."

Blockchain technology has seen astounding growth over the last few years. As experienced developers of complex software solutions in enterprise and web-based applications, UAR's global team of developers and engineers is uniquely equipped to provide custom solutions that support the growth of blockchain projects looking to build unique, innovative platforms that take advantage of the many benefits of distributed and decentralized systems.

Founded in 1995, Up and Running Software has grown to become a trusted provider of custom software solutions. The company has served hundreds of clients across all industries, from startups to the Fortune 10. Up and Running's work passes FDA & DEA audits, rolls up global treasury data, manages nuclear assets and railroads, delivers vaccines, and enables neuroscientists and researchers.

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